Where would you rather be?

with shopquick waiting in lines is a thing of the past.

Know what you want to buy. Share lists. Tag team it through the aisles.

Pay with your phone. And be kicking back before you know it...

How it works

Scan it. Bag it. Leave.


Seriously. You're in a store. Scan whatever you want to buy with our app. Perhaps there's an offer or coupon. Woot! Put it in your feel-good reusable bag. Checkout right there in the aisle using our app on your phone. Walk out the door. That's it!

Why we do it.

In the age of smartphones and easy ePayment, we feel that there has to be a better solution out there for both stores and shoppers. We want to bring you great deals that fit you best, make your shopping experience friction free, and have you relaxing instead of waiting in long lines.

ShopQuick aims to provide a fully friction-free end-to-end shopping experience.


No Lines. Shared Lists. Great Deals. Pay Instantly

Save time

By paying through your phone & skipping that checkout line...

Save money

Personalized coupons and offers from the store to help save you money...

Save the planet

This one is up to you. It's just a suggestion...


Easy Set Up. Multi Channel. Customer Loyalty. Full Data Collection & Access

Create an omni-channel presence

Your customers operate across all channels and so should your store. This will help increase your sales revenue by 4-6%

Enjoy better customer satisfaction

Shopquick provides higher satisfaction to your customers by making shopping easier and more fun. Happy customers = more return business!

Real time customer engagement and marketing

ShopQuick enables you to market products relevant to products that your customers are purchasing during their time of purchase thus helping you increase average sales.

Convert more “Showroomers” into actual customers

Engage with your store visitors in real time and influence their purchase decisions thus converting showroomers into actual customers.

Easy integration with ShopQuick

Enjoy all of the benefits with a one step, seamless and easy integration with ShopQuick application and your store’s back-end systems.

The Company

Who we are

We are a team of driven, accomplished young minds who are passionate about making a positive difference to the traditional brick and mortar retail model. And, yes, we're also weary of idling away the hours in checkout lines. Our team as a whole has an ideal mix of expertise across mobile, retail, payments, consumer applications, and experience design.

Together we have, 35+ years of relevant industry experience (payments, retail, and mobile); 7+ startups between us in various capacities, 3 consumer focused mobile apps, and 3 patents in payments!

The Team


Arun has numerous years providing business and technology solutions for retail clients. He has spent the last 13 years in building and growing high performing teams in both small and large firms. He comes from a combination of management consulting and venture capital backgrounds. Arun has also worked with 3 other startups before as an advisor that have yielded successful outcomes. Arun is passionate about creating disruptive solutions for the retail industry. He's currently challenging himself to write a less boring bio...


Tejas is an architect and a builder who loves to design solutions to complex problems. From scrappy to scaling, he has been building systems for many different kinds of startups; and one size doesn't fit all. He loves working with product and business folks to develop not only architecturally sound and cool, but most importantly, applicable solutions.


Snehal is passionate about mobile development and has published multiple iPhone applications on the iTunes Store. She loves to work on cutting edge technologies, building next generation products. She has 9 years of experience with a wide range of clients across software, retail, and automotive industries. She looks for creativity and innovation in every aspect while remaining process focussed as a sanity check on her creative genius! In her free time she channels her synergistic nature to bring people together to rock to her tunes on virtual DJ web sites. You can follow her on twitter @patilsnehal


A yeti is slightly less mythical than a unicorn. If you seek delightful experiences, Arvind has you covered. He’s seasoned, like the best butter. He’s a startup junkie. Yeah, he’s got exits, nice big exits, but the most scenic highways only have cross streets, remember that. He loves advising small passionate teams from their initial dream phase, through concept, to prototype and release. He writes about himself in third person singular. It’s fun. You should try it.

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